When To Hire A Professional For Mold Removal


Mold is a pervasive issue that can strike any home or business, regardless of age or location. While some mold growth can be managed with simple household cleaning solutions, there are times when professional intervention is not only recommended but vital. Here's a guide to when you should consider hiring a professional for mold removal. Extensive Mold Growth When you encounter a large area of mold infestation, it becomes more challenging to manage on your own.

23 August 2023

Are Water Mitigation And Water Damage Restoration The Same Thing?


When you have water pouring into your house, your first thought is to make it stop. After the water stops, your thoughts turn to the water damage. You want to clean up the water and restore your house to the state it was before the water happened. While that seems like it should be one process, the fact is that they are actually two separate things. They are complementary processes but different.

27 April 2023

What Are The Steps In A Home Energy Audit?


A home energy audit can help you identify problems and find ways to reduce your expenditures. Homeowners should understand what the process entails. A typical residential energy audit follows these 5 steps. System Assessments One of the first questions is going to address how well or not the various HVAC systems in your house are performing. An auditor will determine what types of systems are present, how old each is, and how they might affect your energy costs.

20 January 2023