Are Water Mitigation And Water Damage Restoration The Same Thing?


When you have water pouring into your house, your first thought is to make it stop. After the water stops, your thoughts turn to the water damage. You want to clean up the water and restore your house to the state it was before the water happened. While that seems like it should be one process, the fact is that they are actually two separate things. They are complementary processes but different. So what are the two methods, and how do they work? 

Water Mitigation

This is the first process you should deal with. Mitigation is aimed at stopping the water, preventing more damage, and cleaning up. When a company comes to your house for water mitigation, they will look at the damage and create a plan of action. That plan will include what the mitigation service will do to get any standing water out of your house, dry your house out, and keep more damage from happening. The mitigation service can also help to make sure that your house is secure. That includes doing things like covering windows and doors so no one can get into your house. The service techs will also separate the salvageable from the unsalvageable. As they do that, they can clean up anything salvageable. 

Water Damage Restoration

Restoration starts after mitigation ends. The restoration techs can only come in and do their work once all the water is gone and everything is dried out. The restoration process starts with taking out as much damage as possible. That includes removing damaged drywall and carpeting and replacing them when the time comes. The techs will also remove any mold that they can find and do what they can to make sure that there aren't any places where the mold might still grow. Mold can be tricky. It just needs to have a dark place and a little moisture to grow, and it can spread out in places where you can't see it. Before you know it, you have a huge mold problem, which can take a lot of time and money to handle. 

While the same company may do the mitigation and restoration work, they are two separate processes. With mitigation, restoration can be done. If the water isn't mitigated, it will continue to cause damage, negating any restoration work. The two processes work well together and should be able to get your house back to its state before the flood.

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27 April 2023

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