Tips For Bathroom Mold Prevention And Restoration


When a mold colony invades in your bathroom it is hard to kill. However, if your bathroom has issues with mold, then it is important you quickly remediate the problem and then take steps to prevent future re-growth. As mold grows it sends out spores and these spores can make you ill. Removing the mold eliminates this hazardous condition from your family's living space. To remove your existing mold and prevent future colonies from taking hold, follow each of these tips:

17 November 2018

Mudjacking 101: A Guide For Worried Homeowners


Discovering that you have problems with the foundation of your home can be one of the most worrisome situations a homeowner can face. When left unattended, disruptions to the home's foundation can rather quickly mean deterioration of the entire house, from the walls to the ceilings and everything in between. One of the methods of contending with a failing foundation is through a process known as mudjacking. This project is not something a lot of homeowners know a lot about, so if it is something a contractor recommends to you, you are bound to have questions.

25 June 2018