Tips For Bathroom Mold Prevention And Restoration


When a mold colony invades in your bathroom it is hard to kill. However, if your bathroom has issues with mold, then it is important you quickly remediate the problem and then take steps to prevent future re-growth.

As mold grows it sends out spores and these spores can make you ill. Removing the mold eliminates this hazardous condition from your family's living space.

To remove your existing mold and prevent future colonies from taking hold, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Caulking with Mold Growth Must Be Removed and Replaced

If you are continually fighting mold growth on the caulking in your bathroom, then the only way to be rid of it is to cut it out and replace it. It's nearly impossible to remove all of the mold spores from the caulking and cleaning it with bleach will temporarily kill off most of it, but then it will just regrow from the spores left behind. The only way to truly get rid of the problem is with new caulking.

Tip: Repaint Mold-Growing Walls with Paint Containing a Mold Prevention Additive

If the ceiling over your shower stall or other bathroom walls grow mold, then you should clean them well with chlorine bleach and then repaint your bathroom using paint with a mold prevention additive. You can purchase a mold prevention additive at any hardware store next to the other painting supplies.

Tip: Check Under Your Bathroom Sinks and Look for Leaking Pipes

One place mold likes to hide in a bathroom is in the cabinet under the sink. Over time, an aging water supply line or drain pipe develops a small leak and it drips water into the cabinet. The water slowly soaks the cabinet and provides a nice dark place for a mold colony to take hold. Since you may not open the cabinet very often, the mold grows and multiplies into a major problem before you discover its presence.

Tip: Always Use Ventilation When Bathing or Showering

As you bathe or shower, steam from the hot water makes all of your bathroom's surfaces damp. This dampness makes bathroom surfaces ripe for mold growth. By eliminating the moisture, you can prevent future mold colonies.

To this end, make sure you always turn on the bathroom fan and open a window when you shower. When you finish, The more ventilation the better in a bathroom prone to mold issues. Contact a company, like Disaster Professionals, for more help.


17 November 2018

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