Water Damage In The Roof


Any part of your home is susceptible to water damage, but the roof is especially susceptible due to its location. Also, water-related problems with the roof can very quickly lead to water damage in other parts of your home. You should be well-versed on your roof and water damage if you want to stand a good chance of preventing water damage, spotting water damage, and knowing what to do if you end up with water damage on your roof.

3 October 2019

What Factors Affect How Much Your Water Damage Restoration Project Will Cost?


Water damage restoration projects can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. This is a huge range, which may leave you wondering what factors affect the price of a water damage restoration project. Read on to learn a few of the factors that can affect the price you pay for a water damage restoration project in your home.  The Type of Water That Is In Your Home

26 June 2019